Future of Transport for London 

Working along side a team of in-house designers and developers, my task was to work on the redesign for the future vision of TfL’s global web experience.

The future web experience was a chance for us to completely reimagine how we want to position and connect our travel tools, marketing content and services

The entire user experience of the website has been redefined from the ground up. Each tool has been carefully looked into from in-depth analytics to establishing way we can more effectively utilise our data sets. This in turn, helped us make informed decisions on how users interact with our tools and allowed us to distinguish clear user journeys and behaviours. Re-creating the digital infrastructure allowed us to introduce new approaches for numerous areas of the website. Amongst numerous other improvements, messaging has been refined and consolidated, a new logic behind route diagrams has been developed for us to provide more context within the routes we serve to users, and the favourites feature has been re-positioned.

Journey planner serves as the spine to the new web experience. As the most engaged with tool, we wanted to transform how users are able to plan their travels through London in an ever more personalised way

Journey planner sits at the epicentre of the web experience. Users can seamlessly now plan a journey, but also be served all the relevant information at the time that matters. Working with a team of designers, product owners and developers, we were able to expand our use of data to serve more streamlined and accurate information.

Pushing for a progressive web app platform further allowed us to enhance the capabilities of the web experience both technological and in design. We were able to introduce more up-to-date live travel information, offline states, real time notifications, as well as create intricate user interactions to transform the way users digest and access information on their desktop or mobile device. Providing a user enables us to use their data and location, the content we show becomes ever more tailored. Allowing us to serve to them journey history, trip suggestions, favouriting specific tube lines, buses or stations for up-to-date notifications as well as status updates for the travel modes that are relevant to the user.

Creating moments to inspire, push behaviour change, promote active travel and provide actionable yet personalised alternatives for our users

Aligning the future website experience with other emerging products in our digital ecosystem as well as organisational aims is essential. We want to use the web platform to help promote aims such as an increase in active travel, but also provide users with useful suggestions such as re-timing a journey or offering a mode alternative when our services are experiencing crowding or disruptions, as well as peace of mind when things are running smoothly.